Arsham G

I’m Arsham, I live in Toronto and grew up in the UK.
I'm interested in genomics, machine learning, health, and web3.


Co-founder, Co-CEO at Ribbon

Fixing employee recognition by making it permanent and portable

Machine Learning Consultant at Ro

AI for Ro Sperm Kit

Applied Scientist at Amazon

Multi-modal recommendation systems (NLP + computer vision)

Head of Machine Learning at Ezra

Early cancer detection

Machine Learning Engineer at Queueco

High frequency trading


PhD at The Francis Crick Institute & King's College London

Read my thesis: Single cell gene regulation in the epidermis

thesis abstract image
MEng at Imperial College London

Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering


NFT Tracker

Tracking Twitter mentions of NFT collections and floor price to surface interesting NFTs


AI-generated summaries of video calls to make note-taking a thing of the past.


AR-compatible 3D model of your head from a selfie